David Howard
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David Howard

Lost in America

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About Him

Living… on the road with his wife. They just left Los Angeles, where they’d settled down for a couple of years. The one good thing about spending all that time in Los Angeles was that they got a free ride on the inflation train. Don't ask him how it happened, but they made a hundred and ninety thousand dollar profit by staying in their house for less than five years. Now they’re blowing it all on this trip.

Profession… a key executive at a major advertising and self described “Idea Man.” But after self-sabotaging at that cushy job, he’s decided to find himself. He says, “My wife and I, we dropped out of society.  She had a very important position in a department store. Anyway, we were going to find ourselves. Then, we thought, maybe we're too old, it's too late. We can't find ourselves, that's only for kids. And then we thought about it some more and it hit us. Wait a minute. Who's to say at what age you stop being a kid?”

Interests… trying to make more money to extend his vacation from life after his wife blows their cushion in Vegas.

Relationship Status… married, but under a lot of pressure. David and Linda are on the verge of splitting.

Challenge… succeeding. Linda lost all their money and they’re stuck in Arizona. As David says, “We found themselves, all right!  We found ourselves with eight hundred dollars in the middle of nowhere!”

Personality… a dreamer – albeit a narcisstic one. David has always wanted it all – including a Mercedes he hasn't quite been able to afford. With his dream in shambles now after leaving his job, he is quite lost.  

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