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David Frost


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About Him

Grew Up… in Australia.

Living… in England where he is the host of a popular talk show. His recent interview with the Bee Gees got great ratings.

Profession… talk show host. But he has higher aspirations and wants to beconsidered a serious journalist. And now he has his chance. He got the exclusive interview with Richard Nixon three years after he resigned from office. But Frost paid a big price for this opportunity: he paid Nixon $600,000 in advance for the interview without having any networks even agreeing to air it. The gamble needs to pay off, or Frost will be bankrupt. And his journalism career will be over too.

Relationship Status… committed to Caroline Cushing, who stands by him as he tirelessly searches for networks and tirelessly prepares for the interview.

Challenge… getting the ex-President to publicly own up to his involvement in Watergate and its cover up. Nixon, ever the tactful interviewer, is skillful in his dodges. It's clear that both Frost and his team of researchers will need to bring the heat if they're going to get Nixon to admit anything. 

Personality… deeper and smarter than he appears. David is very charismatic and popular. But underneath his toothy smile is someone who is tough and cunning. Nixon has his work cut out for him. 

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