David Fisher
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David Fisher

Six Feet Under

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About Him

Grew up… wanting support. David has a loving relationship with his mother, but his relationship to his father has always been slightly more complicated. While his mother, Ruth, was always in the audience for David’s school plays, his father was nowhere to be found. As David puts it, “Kids should look out in the audience and have someone rooting for them.”

Living… the life that he never really wanted. David abandoned his plan to be a lawyer when his family needed someone to help with the family business, Fisher & Sons funeral home.

Profession… mortician. David decided to enter the business of death after his older brother, Nate, left Los Angeles. While dressing dead bodies was never David’s dream (or his major talent), he does his best and takes pride in his work. Now that Nathaniel Sr. has passed away suddenly, David knows that this career is all but permanent. His brother Nate has also agreed to stay home and work at Fisher & Sons, which David both welcomes and resents.

Relationship Status… complicated. David prefers to keep his romantic life, and his homosexuality, a secret from his conservative family. David does not refer to Keith as his “boyfriend,” which he is. Instead, David prefers that his family believe the two are only “racquetball partners.” Keith isn’t happy with that stance, which is a frequent source of conflict between the two.

Challenge… taking care of his family. David feels a responsibility to look after his aging mother and take care of the family business, even though that’s the last thing that he wants to do. In his (exasperated) words, “Yeah, I’ll be the strong one, the stable one, the dependable one, because that’s what I do. And everyone around me will fall apart. ‘Cause that’s what they do.”

Personality… straight-laced and uptight. David sees himself as the only real adult in the Fisher family. 

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