David Clark
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David Clark

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About Him

Overview… living the high life in Denver. More and more of David’s friends are getting married and having kids, but he is still single and making ends meet by selling weed, same as he’s done since high school. When his entire stash gets robbed, he has no choice but to repay his boss, the nefarious drug lord Brad Gudinger, by making for Mexico and smuggling two metric tons of weed back into the States in an RV. To do so convincingly he needs to hire a fake family, starting with a stripper named Rose as his “wife.”

Personality… sarcastic and lazy. David rented Precious from Netflix eight months ago and still hasn’t gotten around to watching it. He has no restraint when it comes to making snarky, wise-ass remarks, and he accordingly ends up antagonizing whoever it is he’s talking to. He is quick to throw others under the bus in order to preserve his own dignity. Only problem is, there’s not a whole lot of dignity left to save.

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