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David Aames

Vanilla Sky

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About Him

Grew Up… with great wealth. His father was the head of a successful publishing firm, and David always knew that one day he would inherit his father’s riches and responsibility. Well, he’s inherited the riches, anyway.

Living… the sweet life. His deceased father’s trusted associates at the firm – “the seven dwarves” – handle all of David’s business ventures, while David himself focuses on spending his money luxuriously, growing his social status, and basically living the dream. At one party, his close friend, Brian Selby, an author, introduces David to Sofia Serrano, and they immediately click. It seems like one more charmed moment in a charmed life. But David’s interest in Sofia doesn’t sit well with Julie, a woman whom David has been sleeping with.

Profession… playboy. David is the head of a large publishing firm, but that’s not really his profession because that’s not really what he does with his time. Rather, David spends his time drinking, eating, and enjoying women.

Interests… happiness, simplicity, and lucid dreaming.

Relationship Status… single. David’s relationship with Julie is complicated. Although she claims to be in love with him, David is adamant that he never made any promises and he clearly views her more as a friend-with-benefits. David would like to be free to see whomever he wants, but Julie is going to do anything she can in order to attach herself to him irrevocably. When she sees that he has quickly formed a strong connection with Sofia, Julie confronts David in a way that will change everyone’s life forever.

Challenge… keeping his charmed life from falling apart. David is approaching a “true moment of choice.” His life has seemed like a dream until it all comes crashing down, and now he is faced with the greatest challenge of all: to make his perfect dream a reality.

Personality… compassionate and charismatic, if a bit shallow. David is an alpha-male in part because he has always been given everything he has ever wanted, so never had reason to doubt himself. He hasn’t known hardship, and that is what makes him so cheery and fresh, if a bit naïve. But when hardship finally comes knocking with a vengeance, David is forced to rise to the occasion and become a stronger, better version of himself.

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