Dave Strider

Dave Strider


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... with his brother, unconventionally. Though Dave may worship Bro, even he can't shake the feeling that his upbringing wasn't exactly normal.  Most 13-year-olds, he's pretty sure, don't grow up surrounded by pornographic puppets and sparring on rooftops with katanas (Japanese swords). But maybe that just makes Dave that much cooler.

Living... with Bro, on the top floor of a Houston penthouse.

Visiting... the Land of Heat and Clockwork. After downloading SBURB, the new video game that's got his best friend, John, all fired up, Dave is transplanted into a world full of deadly monsters and mysterious powers. Looks like that rooftop katana-sparring is finally going to pay off.

Profession... coolest kid on the block. While in SBURB, he gains the title Knight of Time, which gives him the ability to time-travel. Which Dave would likely be impressed with, if he hadn't already spent all his awe on himself.

Interests... irony, photography, and "bands no one's heard of." In his spare time, he also maintains a webcomic, the ironically terrible Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, and is an accomplished rapper capable of dropping beats "so fresh they belong in the produce aisle." Also apple juice, because there is nothing not cool about apple juice. But don’t ask him about puppets – he hates puppets.

Relationship Status... single. Not that he's lacking for admirers – a guy this cool, the chicks flock to like pigeons. If there were any ladies nearby, that is.

Challenge... surviving SBURB and his own coolness. If the monsters attacking him weren't bad enough, it turns out downloading SBURB also comes with an unexpected file called the apocalypse. While Dave would have you believe he's got everything covered, it's a bit hard to trust a guy who un-ironically believes, "I'm not a hero."

Personality... cool, joking, and a bit forgetful. Dave is an ironic hipster with a heavy dose of self-deprecation. Although he'd have you believe he's above such petty things as human emotion, Dave is still only 13, and for all his supposed coolness, he has all the usual problems of a teenager. Though he couches his insecurities in terms of irony, there are times when even Dave's mask slips: "well maybe i never wanted to be a knight of time. maybe id rather just be like. the dave of guy."


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