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Dave Rose

Happy Endings

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About Him

Living... in a Chicago loft with his slacker buddy Max. Featuring a “rust-blasting shower” and bird droppings on the floor, it’s a bachelor pad as dirty as Max is lazy. 

Profession... owner/operator of the food truck Steak Me Home Tonight. It’s better than the daily grind of Dave’s old office job, but the hard-to-drive truck has few fans. Unfortunately that means marketing and publicity obligations for a guy who sweats heavily and speaks stiffly on camera.

Interests… his goatee, his 1/16th Navajo heritage, and Stephen King’s all-author band The Rock Bottom Remainders. You know, the kind of stuff that gets you ruthlessly made fun of by your friends. He insists he’s the group’s resident “cool guy,” but that only leads to more jokes at his expense.

Relationship Status... recently and very suddenly single. At his would-be wedding he told his bride-to-be Alex, “I don’t know what I’d do without you. I literally would not want to live,” just seconds before she was whisked away by a guy on rollerblades. Devastating and embarrassing, yes, but perhaps it was the only way for Dave to figure out who he is outside of a relationship.

Challenge... getting over Alex and entering the dating pool before he’s fully ready. Case in point, he still has an “Alex” tattoo. In the bedroom, he’ll tell a new potential conquest that it’s for Alex Trebek or Alexander Hamilton, but that isn’t much better. He doesn’t want his and Alex’s break-up to break apart their group of friends, so he’s forced to hang with her regularly and, most times, awkwardly.

Personality... emotional. Dave wears his heart on the sleeve of his deep-v-neck T-shirt. Whether he’s openly supportive of jam bands or texting a one night stand too soon, he’s not afraid to go after what he’s into. It tends to put his friends into difficult (or lame) situations, but they’ve always got his back – even Alex.

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