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Living... in a middle-class Baltimore neighborhood, where he runs Kovic Temps, a temp service. He loves helping people get jobs. As he puts it, “if you've ever seen the look on someone's face the day they get a job, they look like they could fly.” To make some extra income, he sometimes takes jobs impersonating the President Bill Mitchell, who he resembles exactly.

Visiting... Washington, D.C. The Secret Service hired him for a quick job to impersonate the President for a few hours at a hotel, but it has turned into a longer-term gig.  Apparently, President Bill Mitchell has been diagnosed with a "slight circulatory problem of the head"– or, in other words, a bad stroke. Dave has been told that his services are needed for the good of the country to prevent the Vice President, who is allegedly certifiably insane, from taking over.

Interests… besides helping people and impersonating Mitchell, Dave also loves biking and singing showtunes.

Relationship Status... complicated. Part of in for the President Mitchell means standing in for him in his private life as well. Dave’s worried the First Lady is catching onto the charade— or worse, that he’s getting too used to being her husband.

Challenge... making a change instead of kissing babies. Since Dave's the President now, he wants to use the chance to do something good for the country— maybe even a bold new jobs program. After all, he knows a little bit about getting jobs for people. However, it’s also possible that someone will reveal that he isn’t actually President Mitchell, or that he’ll get embroiled in some of the messes that Mitchell neglected to clean up.

Personality... big-hearted, humble, and optimistic. While it may have been sheer accident that gave Dave the chance to be President, he doesn’t want to waste it. Despite all the Washington maneuvering, he wants to make an actual difference.

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