Dave Buznik
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Dave Buznik

Anger Management

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About Him

Grew Up… developing a severe anxiety about public affection. Ever since a bully pulled down his pants in front of his grade school crush, Dave has had trouble showing signs of love and devotion in public. 

Living… with his anger management therapist, Buddy Rydell. After a bizarre altercation with a flight attendant aboard a plane, Dave is tazered by a sky marshal and then sentenced to anger management therapy sessions.

Profession… secretary for an abusive and arrogant man named Frank. Frank has pushed around Dave ever since he started at the company. He constantly steals Dave’s ideas and claims them for himself.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with Linda, whom he loves dearly. However, Linda knows that Dave has trouble expressing his feelings to her in public — a fact that continuously frustrates her.

Challenge… getting his girlfriend back and dealing with his anger issues. After his therapist, Buddy, manages to woo Linda, Dave goes on a rampage. As he yells in one instance at Buddy, “You had your crazy, corroded tongue in my girlfriend’s mouth!?” 

Personality… eerily calm and polite. Dave doesn’t seem to have an anger problem, at least on the outside. He hides most of his emotions because he’s afraid of expressing affection in public. In fact, he generally only gets angry when he’s around his irritating therapist. Though Buddy insists that Dave’s “implosive” anger will one day explode outward.

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