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Living... in rural Ontario, where he learned everything he knows. Like Wayne, and the rest of the crew, Daryl’s got Letterkenny running in his veins. He’s got a place of his own supposedly, but he’s never there. He’s always at Wayne and Katy’s place, a fact that isn’t lost on Katy, who frequently tells him to go home – sometimes multiple times a day.

Profession... a farmer who helps out on Wayne and Katy’s farm. Daryl’s always looking like he’s just finished a full day’s work, but the guy can sit back and laze like nobody’s business. A lot of the gig is just sitting at the produce stand comparing farts with Squirrely Dan anyway. The guy’s barely have any customers so Daryl mainly preoccupies himself with the big philosophical questions of the world, like the origins of all-dressing chips.

Interests… anything low-brow. Daryl likes blowing snot rockets. He likes going to bars, sitting in one spot and not getting up too often if possible. He is interested in beer – in so far as he likes drinking it. Plus, he’s rarely found without a cup of yogurt – another tick that drives Katy up the wall.

Relationship status… floundering. Daryl crushed on Bonnie McMurray for a long time, which only caused tension between him and Katy. His main squeeze was Anik, and for a long time they were inseparable. He’s constantly being frustrated by French Canadian women, who he doesn’t understand in the least. You wouldn’t necessarily want to take him home to mom.

Challenge... making his way through the web of beefs Letterkenny has to offer. Every week, either Wayne or Squirrely Dan is picking a fight with some new gang, and Daryl invariably has to jump in. Whatever drama the crew is in, Daryl needs to step up and defend his own honor. Daryl is also setting his sights on the right lady, which sometimes puts him at odds with competing suitors. But really his biggest challenge is French Canadians in general. He really does not understand them and doesn’t want anything to do with them.

Personality... something of a simpleton. He shoots snot rockets, farts openly, and speaks in a dull affect that makes him seem deceptively simple. But he’s also quick with a joke or an insult, and won’t let anybody mess with him.

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