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Grew up… in the British Isles, under a different name. But she moved to the colony of Virginia in the New World, working as a prostitute until she contracted syphilis. But just as she lay dying, convinced that her soul was unsalvageable, a vampire known as The Master offered her a second chance.  She accepted, and became the vampire Darla.

Living… in Sunnydale, California. Darla has moved there because it’s the site of a Hellmouth, a locus of dark energy that she hopes to use to free The Master, who's trapped underground. Until that happens, she's stuck on the surface battling the Slayer, a girl with the supernatural strength to fight vampires and other evil creatures.

Profession… vampire. For hundreds of years, Darla has wreaked havoc on every corner of the globe. She was part of a powerful group of vampires who ruled the underworld, and practically bathed in blood. Now their little group has split, but that doesn’t mean Darla is any less dangerous.

Interests… clothing, makeup, seducing men and then killing them. With her good looks and lost-girl act, it's not hard for Darla to find victims. And when she's done with her “meals,” she enjoys listening to a spot of Chopin or Brahms.

Relationship Status… single. She’s dedicated to The Master, but Darla's true lover was Angelus, the only vampire whose ferocity rivaled her own. But after a curse turned Angelus into the brooding do-gooder Angel, Darla is left alone.

Challenge…defeating the Slayer and raising The Master. If Darla and The Master have their way, Sunnydale will be turned into a haven for the undead, where humans are nothing more than a snack with legs.

Personality… cruel and manipulative. Darla has whole-heartedly embraced vampirism, and thinks as an immortal, completely indifferent to the lives of humans. Still, that doesn't mean she can't be a lady. If given a chance, Darla would rather have her victims come to her than chase after them, and she's more level-headed than many of her fellow vampires. A long-term planner, Darla has little tolerance for foolishness, whether from vampires or others.

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