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Grew up... as promising scientist Petyon Westlake. However, after some major life changes, he goes by Darkman now.

Living... a different life, after being caught in a terrible fire. More than 40 percent of Darkman's body was burned, with his face and hands were most severely scorched. When he was treated at the hospital, the doctors severed his spino-thalamic nerve so that he wouldn't feel the pain from the burns. The operation saved his life, but it also has caused him to have fits of uncontrollable rages, which give him the strength of a dozen men.

Profession... scientist. Currently, he's developing new synthetic skin to replace what was lost on his face during his lab fire. After much trial and error, he thinks he may have the solution— photosensitive synthetic cells. The only problem? While great in the dark, the synthetic skin only lasts 99 minutes in the light.

Relationship Status... over. Things used to be great with Julie, a beautiful lawyer. They’ve known each other since seventh grade, when they met on a field trip to the planetarium, and he'd finally worked up the courage to propose when the accident happened. But now she thinks he’s dead, which he might as well be– Darkman's afraid to even show her his face.

Challenge... seeking revenge on the thugs he thinks are behind the fire. Thankfully, he’s got a secret weapon: his synthetic skin, which lets Darkman disguise himself as anyone for 99 minutes at a time.

Personality... troubled and angry. The operation that removed his ability to feel pain enhanced his ability to feel rage. He is a genius, though, and uses his intelligence and scientific innovation to save himself and hunt down those responsible for ruining his life. Both the failure of his synthetic skin and the horrible burns on his body have left him angry and discouraged. Julie assures him, "You'll perfect the skin. You'll make it work,” but he only replies, “Julie... don't you think I told myself that? Night after skinless night!”

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