Darby Shaw
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Darby Shaw

The Pelican Brief

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About Her

Grew Up... in Denver, with her mother and father. Darby's father died in an airplane accident four years ago, and her mother got a big settlement. Her mother has since remarried and moved on, but Darby doesn't talk to her much these days.

Living... in New Orleans, where she studies law at Tulane. After she graduates, she wants to make a living suing large corporations for trashing the environment.

Profession... legal assistant. Though young, Darby is ambitious, and her latest project involves nothing less than the deaths of two Supreme Court justices. The same night Justice Jensen was killed in a gay club, Justice Rosenberg was found dead in his bed, shot in the head along with his nurse and a Supreme Court policeman. Darby is convinced it wasn't a coincidence that both men died the same night, and she's pieced together her research in a long document she calls the Pelican Brief. In it, she explains her theory about who likely killed the justices, and why.

Relationship Status... newly single. Thomas Callahan was her professor, mentor, and boyfriend – but after passing the Pelican Brief on to a friend at the FBI, now he's just dead. A car bomb was what did Thomas in, and while Darby is heartbroken, she's also terrified by the fact that that the bomb was meant to kill her, too.

Challenge... staying alive. Darby knows she's supposed to be dead, since the people trying to kill her have already assassinated two Supreme Court justices and murdered a law professor. With the killer (or killers) still on the loose, Darby isn't sure who to trust. But she thinks she may have found one reliable person: Gray Grantham, a newspaper reporter determined to uncover the rest of the story.

Personality... warm, determined, and brilliant. Alas, those same traits got her into this sticky mess in the first place. But it will be those characteristics that give her a fighting chance to survive, along with the help of Grantham. Darby is being pursued by very powerful and dangerous forces, but they may have underestimated her resourcefulness.

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