Daphne Reynolds
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Daphne Reynolds

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Overview… a teenager living with her single mother in New York’s Chinatown. Daphne has always been slightly bothered by the absence of her biological father. Now that she’s old enough, she decides to put the matter to rest by flying to London to reconnect with her dad, the aspiring politician Lord Henry Dashwood. Received by her father with surprised acceptance, she soon discovers that acclimating to his stately lifestyle is a challenge of its own.

Personality… warm, caring, and fun-loving. Daphne is an adventurous girl, unfazed by the notion of traveling thousands of miles to reunite with someone she’s never met. She is infectiously positive – her enthusiasm either rubs off on you or rubs you the wrong way, which helps her make both friends and enemies on her father’s estate. She makes connections quickly and relies on them to provide her with emotional support as she processes her complicated family situation.  

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