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Grew up… in Manchester, England, as the only daughter in a family of nine. Daphne’s childhood was short, as she got her first job as an actress when she was a young teenager. Sadly, this first career did not last long before she was forced to find another way to make money. Her subsequent enterprise raising “show rats” also did not prove to be very lucrative.

Living… in Seattle, Wash., with Frasier Crane and his father, Martin. Daphne is lucky to have found accommodations and a job with the Cranes, but unfortunately it means that she acts as a surrogate mother to both of them.

Profession… live-in housekeeper and physical therapist for Martin Crane. She took up this profession after an unhappy stint at a convenience store in Seattle. Living with the Cranes may sometimes be tiresome, but at least she’s safe from criminals and thieves.

Interests… billiards, her family and her psychic abilities. Yes, Daphne claims herself to be “a bit psychic.” Though Frasier, Martin and Frasier’s younger brother Niles tend to scoff at her belief in the supernatural, her “psychic flashes” have proved accurate more than once.

Relationship Status… single, though highly sought after by Frasier’s married brother, Niles. Niles may have a difficult time in his pursuit, as Daphne tends to prefer her gents “more on the manly side” - something Niles is not.

Challenge… putting up with Frasier’s snobbishness. Daphne and Martin find themselves frustrated with the pompous Frasier and his demands. She constantly pokes fun at Frasier and his “refined” tastes: “I’m washing my face with dish soap while you’re out buying imported bath salts like a big rich girl!”

Personality… down-to-earth. Aside from a few eccentricities, such as her belief in psychic powers, Daphne is a realistic, level-headed and tough woman. Daphne gives Niles and Frasier some much-needed grounding, and often acts as the true voice of reason in the apartment.

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