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Danny Rayburn


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Living… far from home, or at least he was. Danny comes from a prosperous Florida Keys family but he is a wayward son with a predilection for volatility. Instability is the only constant in his life. He is the black sheep of the family, and deep down he wants to set things right. But anger, pride, and a painkiller addiction are just some of the things holding him back.

Profession… opportunist. Danny has had a variety of enterprises over the course of his life. Most recently he opened a seafood joint, but he made the mistake of trusting the wrong people and ended up in debt. He won’t be afraid to turn to illicit means to recoup his losses.

Interests… cooking, smoking doobies, and fish tacos. Danny is into earthly pleasures.

Relationship Status… roving bachelor. Danny is well-liked by the ladies, and his rugged, mysterious, off-the-beaten-path charm is most attractive to women with issues of their own. As such, he is never able to maintain a stable relationship for more than a few months. That’s fine by him – the thrill is all in the chase.

Challenge… starting over. Danny heads to the Keys from Miami for his parents’ 45th wedding anniversary, hoping to stick around this time and work for the family hotel. He has second thoughts about returning, as do his siblings. They’ve achieved a sort of equilibrium in his extended absence, a system that works. Danny’s return is guaranteed to upset this balance, and he knows it.

Personality… casual, impulsive, hedonistic, and manipulative. Danny is by nature a destructive force wherever he goes. He says and does all the wrong things, and even when he is charming and affable, it is usually part of a broader, calculated scheme. He is very discerning, and sees through people’s facades. His deep-set anger leads him to use his ability to read people to manipulate them – even if they are related to him by blood.

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