Danny Tripp
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Danny Tripp

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

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About Him

Grew up… working his way up from the bottom in Los Angeles’s television industry. Danny never got any handouts: “I’m who I am because I worked hard and got good grades. I got what I got because I went after a non-paying entry-level television internship and proved myself. I got what I got because I took action.”

Living… one day at a time, in Los Angeles. Danny is a recovering addict. Life isn’t easy when you have to battle each day to stay sober – and to keep your reputation above water.

Profession… producer and showrunner on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Danny and his partner Matt Albie made their names on Studio 60 years ago. Now, after the show has suffered a few hardships, they’re back to try and make it funny again.

Interests… spending time with his buddy, Matt. Danny is incomplete without his friend and writing partner, even though Danny insists he’s his own person: “First of all, Matt and I are separate people. Don’t paint us with the same brush.”

Relationship Status… single, though interested in his boss, network executive Jordan McDeere. Danny’s sordid history has made him very cautious when it comes to women, and it’s also made him a bit self-conscious when it comes to the smart, successful Jordan. As he told her, “I’ve been married twice before, and am a recovering cocaine addict, and I know that’s no woman’s dream of a man, or of a father.”

Challenge… making Studio 60 funny again while battling network censors and his own bad habits. Danny is always at risk of suffering a relapse back into cocaine and alcohol addiction. He’s also at risk of losing his sense of humor. In his words, “You know Chevy Chase woke up one day, and he just wasn’t funny any more.”

Personality… witty, charming, and intense. Danny is dedicated to his work and to his friendships. As an intelligent and well-adjusted adult, Danny balances out Matt’s less inhibited, more immature personality. But he will always grapple with his demons.

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