Danny Roman
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Danny Roman

The Negotiator

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About Him

Overview… a decorated hostage negotiator for the Chicago Police Department. Danny Roman seems to have it all. He’s made a nice career for himself at the CPD, and, recently married, he wants to settle down and start a family. But things turn upside down when Danny’s partner, Nate, comes to him with some information regarding stolen money from the department’s disability fund. Before long, Danny’s name comes up on the list of suspects, which means that he has to hand over his gun and his badge. That is not something he intends to accept quietly.

Personality… unassuming but unpredictable. Danny is a career-cop, just trying to do his best to be a team player. That’s why the accusations surrounding him have been so utterly bizarre. Though Danny is a professional liar for a living – it’s a necessary evil in his line of work – and it’s difficult to tell just when he’s telling the truth.

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