Danny Parker
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Danny Parker

The Salton Sea

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About Him

Living… in Salton Sea, where about a year and half ago, his wife was murdered at a meth lab. No one was ever apprehended for the crime but local authorities have always assumed it was a hit-and-grab perpetrated by rival drug dealers. That is, until Danny took it upon himself to conduct a one-man undercover operation.

Profession… police informant with ties to the meth game. He figures somebody has to help the lazy bastards at the FBI. They treat him with nothing but contempt. They think he’s nothing more than a tweaking snitch, a bottom-feeder. But they'd have nothing without him.

Relationship Status… in a relationship caught up in power games. Liz likes nothing more than hearing Danny say he’s wrong. He’s tired of being reminded what a loser he is every time he screws up. But she’s the one with the steady job, she pays all the bills. He’s just an unemployed musician. On his worst days, he believes she has every right to treat him that way.

Challenge… cleaning up his life. This is the world he sought out: “The land of the perpetual night-party. Day swallowing night and night swallowing day.  The crank compressing time like some divine piston on its awesome downstroke.” Obviously it comes with a price. He’s had to surround himself with tweakers and losers, using and abusing each other. There’s no worse crowd to be a part of, because they won’t even play the enemy. They’ll convince you they’re your true friend, just so you’ll be easier to screw over.

Personality… mysterious. Danny’s never been sure of his own nature and he can wear many masks: “Avenging angel ... Judas Iscariot... Loving husband ... Prodigal Son...The prince of Denmark...? All of these? None of these?” Danny thinks it’s not up for him to decide, that any decision would be a lie anyway. You can’t make any judgments without knowing a man’s whole story – and who ever gets to tell their whole story? Just when you think you’ve figured him out, you realize you don’t actually know him at all.

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