Danny Martin
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Danny Martin

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About Him

Living... in the Gold Coast area of Chicago. The best thing about his neighborhood is a row of bars that stay open until all hours of the night. Danny and his buddy Bernie are usually at Mothers or Irving’s, their favorite dives.

Profession... salesman for a grocery wholesaler. His dream is to open his own restaurant. He says it will be real first-class joint called Danny's. Hey, a guy needs a dream.

Interests... playing softball in a league. He’s a solid second baseman.

Relationship Status... involved with a beautiful woman named Debbie. What he thought was going to be a one-night stand is turning into something more. They have been dating a while, and he hasn't even screwed around on her. For Danny, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Challenge... dealing with the pressure that Debbie is putting on him to make more of a commitment. He’s given her a drawer in his apartment, which was already a big step for him. But he enjoys all women and doesn't know if he's ready to settle down with just one. He’s always asking himself that eternal question – could there anything better than this out there? He’s not sure he’s ready to be a one-woman man, but he also doesn't want to lose her. Though Danny certainly wouldn’t miss Debbie’s caustic friend Joan.

Personality… fun, easygoing, and a bit egotistical. Danny is the life of the party, and usually the center of attention from the ladies because of his great looks. Even Bernie tells him that he’s “too pretty.” But has all of the attention gone to Danny’s head? He can be a bit self-absorbed at times. 

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