Danny Castellano
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Danny Castellano

The Mindy Project

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About Him

Grew Up… in Staten Island with his working-class mother and father. He has one younger brother, Richie, whom he had to take care of growing up. His mother worked long hours as a cleaning lady and his father left when Danny was 13.  Despite his often difficult upbringing, Danny became a very hard-working and successful adult. He’s very passionate about being from Staten Island and tries his hardest not to become a “too-good-for-the-Island guy”.

Living… in New York. Alone. It’s easier to watch westerns and read Civil War history books when there’s no one else in your place to bug you.

Profession… OB/GYN at Shulman & Associates. Danny attended Columbia and completed his residency alongside fellow doctors Mindy Lahiri and Jeremy Reed and before they were all hired by Dr. Shulman. According to Dr. Shulman, Danny was the best resident. Danny immediately became cocky. In his own words: “I’m the man that’s gonna take a person out of you. I don’t take that responsibility lightly, OK?”

Interests… working, being a Catholic, the Mets, boxing, jazz music, working out, dancing, his keyboard, and building things with his bare hands.

Relationship Status… single. After a very bitter divorce with his wife Christina, whom he caught cheating with another man, Danny wasn’t ready to jump back into the dating pool for a long time. Due to his typically abrupt, no-nonsense nature, he tends to turn some women off. He and Mindy often have a flirty rapport, but they seem as likely to drive each other crazy as date. (Or maybe both.)

Challenge… keeping the practice afloat. After Dr. Shulman left the practice, Danny felt as though it was up to him, seeing as he was deemed the best doctor, to make sure it stayed successful. Though he had trouble getting along with his co-workers at first, he eventually realized that they all had to band together in order to maintain a successful practice. And now that his marriage has imploded, maybe Danny should try to find someone before he becomes old, bitter and alone – a distinct possibility for a pretty grumpy guy like him.

Personality… hard-working, blunt, arrogant, and disciplined. Danny is a workaholic. This rings true for his personal life as well. Danny isn’t the type of guy who often lets loose. He’s a pretty serious person about almost everything. Underneath all of the rough-and-toughness, however, Danny is a kind and loyal person and he cares deeply for his friends.

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