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Grew up… in the quiet village of Sandford, England, which has consistently held the accolade “Village of the Year.” Danny lives the sleepy, somnolent lifestyle of the English countryside.

Living… practically in the local pub. There’s not much to do in Sandford except drink. Whenever he’s bored, Danny immediately retreats to the quiet solace of his local drinking hole.

Profession… police officer. Danny’s father, the local police inspector, has granted his son a position in Sandford’s nearly useless and seemingly superfluous police force. The village has the lowest number of crimes committed in the entire county. Repeated viewing of his favorite films, Bad Boys II and Point Break, have influenced Danny’s overly glamorous view of police work. As he asks Nick, “Is it true that there’s a point on a man’s head where if you shoot it, it will blow up?” He’s an amiable bloke to meet for a pint at the pub, but it remains to be seen if he’s up to solving real crimes like these baffling murders.

Interests… aside from sipping pints at the local pub, Danny has been known to enjoy an action film or two – or 200. He has the largest collection of shoot-em-up films in the entire village, and likely well beyond.

Challenge… helping his new partner, the serious London cop Nicholas Angel, solve a series of mysterious murders in Sandford. Danny, despite his lifelong career in Sandford’s police force, has never had to do real police work. He’s having a difficult time becoming accustomed to life with the hard-boiled Nick, who was shipped to Sandford for being too gung-ho.

Personality… lazy, dopey, and naïve. He might not have the technical prowess of his by-the-book partner, Nick Angel, but Danny’s appetite for pageantry and violence are what ultimately make the duo unforgettable. Plus, have you seen what he does with ketchup packets? Hilarious.

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