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Danno Williams

Hawaii Five-O

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Grew up… on the mainland in New Jersey. Danny’s father is a firefighter, and his mother is apparently a wonderful cook, since her lasagna was “the last thing I want to eat before I die.” When he got older, he became a beat cop for a while, and that’s where he met Rachel, the woman he later married.

Living… in Hawaii, much to his displeasure. He doesn’t like the beach and he doesn’t like to swim. But he had to move there if he wanted to be able to see his daughter, Grace, since he doesn’t have custody.

Profession… second-in-command of Hawaii’s new statewide task force, Hawaii Five-0. As a regular cop, Danny (or "Danno" to his friends) was assigned to investigate the death of John McGarrett. John's son Steve didn’t appreciate that, but he grew to respect Danny. Now he’s made Danny his partner in a new group that deals with everything too big for the local island police to handle.

Interests… his daughter, Grace. Even though he calls Hawaii a “pineapple-infested hell hole”, he moved there to be close to her. He spends a lot of time worrying about her or making sure that he’s being a good dad.

Relationship Status… divorced. Things didn’t work out with Rachel, but at least there was Grace. Then Rachel got remarried and moved to Hawaii. Danny’s not a huge fan of Rachel's new husband.

Challenge… fighting the bad guys, protecting Grace, and tolerating Steve. For such a small state, there’s a lot of bad people around, and the team has to fight terrorists, murders, drug rings and more. As a cop, there’s always a chance that his family is going to get involved, and Danny has been known to get a little violent when someone threatens Grace. Day-to-day, though, it’s Steve’s peremptory, reckless way of working that drives Danny nuts.

Personality… outspoken and a little abrasive. Danny’s not afraid to let you know what he thinks of you – at length. He’s hotheaded and fiercely protective, making him a dangerous man to cross. But he’s also loyal and affectionate to his family and friends.

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