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Love Actually

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Living… in London with his young stepson, Sam. Life has changed significantly for Daniel since the recent passing of his wife. He is lonely and stricken with grief, but he is trying his best to take care of the family by himself.

Interests... watching Titanic and listening to singer Scott Walker. Sam is starting to discover the intricacies of love and Daniel wants to provide him with as much advice as possible. He often supplements his lessons with romantic films and songs.

Relationship Status… widowed. His wife, Joanna, was the love of his life and “perfect everyday.” Unless Claudia Schiffer suddenly turns up and somehow falls for him, Daniel doesn’t think he’ll be able to move on. 

Challenge… helping young Sam get the girl of his dreams. His stepson (Sam is Joanna's son) is in love with a girl at school and Daniel encourages him to pursue her: “Tell her you love her. You’ve got nothin’ to lose and you’ll always regret it if you don’t.”

Personality… attentive and affectionate. Daniel is a loving father who always does what is best for Sam, even though he is relatively new to the job. He hasn’t been doing so well since Joanna’s death, but he is trying to hold it together for Sam’s sake.

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