Daniel Hillard
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Daniel Hillard

Mrs. Doubtfire

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Living… in San Francisco with his wife (for now), Miranda, and their three children: Lydia, Chris, and Natalie. Daniel absolutely adores his family, especially his kids. But his living situation is about to change for the worse.

Profession... ex-voice actor. Daniel has a flair for voices, but he lacks the ability or patience to take direction. He likes his creative freedom and resents attempts to limit it. The latest script dispute with the animation studio caused Daniel to walk out on his boss with this parting shot: “Well, in the words of Porky Pig, ‘pi- pi- pi- pi- pi- piss off, Lou.’”

Interests... fooling around with his kids. Daniel is the "fun" parent – the one who will throw you a party no matter how bad your grades are. This causes a lot of tension between him and Miranda, who is sick of being the only disciplinarian around the house. 

Relationship Status… separated. Miranda has finally had enough. She just can’t deal with Daniel’s silly antics and feckless attitude anymore and has requested a divorce. Daniel is devastated, but Miranda refuses to reconcile. And frankly, she has a point.

Challenge… spending quality time with his children. As Daniel has no job or home of his own, custody was naturally granted to Miranda. Thus, his time with Lydia, Chris, and Natalie is limited. He wants to have a bigger role in taking care of the kids, but Miranda deems him too irresponsible and decides to hire a housekeeper instead. She’ll have to try extra hard to find the right candidate though, because Daniel plans on thwarting her every attempt. If only he could somehow transform himself into Miranda's vision of the ideal, matronly housekeeper. Maybe an older Englishwoman with a cool accent?

Personality… playful, witty, and flippant. Daniel spends most of his time clowning around. He has never taken parenting too seriously, but he'll have to start if he wants to see his kids more often. 

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