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About Him

Grew up... a normal mortal. Daniel was once an average young man happily married to his wife Catherine. However, one day they both tragically died in a car crash.

Living... in Purgatory. While Catherine’s soul was pure enough to enter Heaven, Daniel was neither good nor evil enough to spend eternity in Paradise or Hell. So he gets stuck in Purgatory for the time being.

Profession... servant of Heaven. To earn his way into Heaven, Daniel agrees to take on whatever dangerous tasks the angel Samael requires of him. Typically this involves taking out scheming demons planning to launch a war against God. As he says, “Now I am the angels’ only prayer.”

Relationship Status... married. Catherine is the love of Daniel’s life, and his afterlife as well. There’s nothing he wants more in the world than to be reunited with her in Heaven.

Challenge... defeating the forces of Hell. Lucifer and his army have been planning an assault on the Kingdom of God for countless centuries, and their next major strike is quickly approaching. But to get to Heaven, they’ll have to go through Purgatory, and Daniel will be waiting.

Personality... repentant. Daniel’s life wasn’t without sin. That’s how he wound up in Limbo in the first place. But he has accepted his fate and now dutifully performs whatever is asked of him to escape damnation and earn his place with his wife by God’s loving side.

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