Daniel Dravot
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Daniel Dravot

The Man Who Would Be King

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About Him

Living… in late 19th century colonial India.

Profession… former colonel sergeant of the Queen's Own Royal Light Infantry. Although Danny has made his way through the ranks, his real vocation is more of a smuggler, swindler and blackmailer. Danny and his partner in crime, Peach Carnehan, have determined to execute one final con before leaving India. Hopefully it will make them very, very rich.

Interests… setting out to the remote country of Kafristan, and taking it over. The king has requested aid in defeating his rivals, and they plan to defeat them indeed– but then turn around and overthrow the king and become rulers themselves. Danny’s convinced that his experience in the British Army will enable him to pull this off.

Relationship Status… single. He and Peachy have sworn off all female attention until they accomplish their goal. They have also given up alcohol, which is probably even harder for Danny to live without.

Challenge… navigating the treacherous journey to Kafristan in frigid temperatures where snow blizzards are leading to avalanches. And even if they can get through these conditions, can they really take over an entire country with just twenty rifles and a lot of gumption?

Personality… alpha male, persuasive, quick on his feet, decisive, and perhaps a little egotistical. Danny is out for himself, and that’s always worked for him.

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