Daniel Cleaver

Daniel Cleaver

    Bridget Jones's Diary
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… a hot-shot in the publishing world. Daniel Cleaver is known around his office as a charming, yet devious, womanizer. Recently, he’s gotten involved with a colleague named Bridget Jones, whose “desperate romantic agenda” is beginning to drive him a bit mad. Bridget wants, in his words, romantic “mini-breaks” to the countryside where they ride in “little boats and read poncy poetry to each other,” while he’d rather stay in and watch cricket, drink beer, and chain-smoke.

Personality… glib and charming, but duplicitous. Daniel is about as slimy as it gets when it comes to predatory men. Don’t let his charms fool you: beneath the sexy, sophisticated exterior is a self-hating, womanizing, alcoholic just waiting to wreak havoc on Bridget’s life.


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