Dan Rydell
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Dan Rydell

Sports Night

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About Him

Grew Up… with a younger brother who idolized him; his brother was killed in a drug-related incident. Dan often blames himself for his brother’s death because he smoked drugs as a teenager, and it was the same drugs that killed his brother. 

Living… in Manhattan, where he loves going out for a night on the town whenever possible.  New York City is where he works, but it’s also the perfect place for someone as energetic and endlessly sociable as Dan.

Profession… co-anchor and co-writer of Sports Night, a nightly sports news show on Continental Sports Channel. Dan is responsible for the energy and big ideas – at least in his view – while Casey takes care of the details and has a touch more gravitas. Though Sports Night is well-regarded by the cognoscenti, it often struggles in the ratings. As a result the network and its parent company, Continental Corp, often threaten to pull the plug.

Interests… social issues, and any sport but soccer. Dan also likes to swing by Anthony’s, the local bar where Sports Night staffers like to socialize after hours. 

Relationship Status… single and flirtatious. Dan likes attention too much to ever forego a fun night out with a pretty woman on his arm, but that doesn't mean he’s not open to something more if the right girl comes along. He’s just not concentrating on finding her at the moment.

Challenge… getting people who think he’s just another wannabe celebrity to take him seriously. Dan is every bit as smart, ambitious, and talented as Casey, but it’s often assumed that he brings nothing more than charm to their working relationship. Yes, Dan has a publicist and attends more public events than Casey, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t also a legitimate sports journalist. 

Personality… cocky and impetuous, yet sensitive. Dan’s confident façade is sometimes a defense mechanism to hide his insecurities and feelings of guilt. Though he’s a smart, good-natured guy who knows how to be a friend when his loved ones need it, he often feels like he’s letting people down, and he takes that very hard. 

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