Dan Gallagher
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Dan Gallagher

Fatal Attraction

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About Him

Living… with his beautiful wife, Ellen, in Manhattan. The two have been married for nine years and have a six-year-old daughter together, Beth. He loves his family, but he has made a terrible mistake that could put his family life in jeopardy.

Profession… corporate lawyer at a leading firm.

Relationship Status… in a seemingly happy marriage. But when Ellen went out of town for a weekend with their daughter, he had a passionate night with Alex, a sexy book editor he met at a business party. They ended up naked together on the kitchen sink as well as the elevator shaft of her loft in the Meat Packing District. Dan thought of it as a one-night stand, and he would go back to his family. But Alex has different thoughts. She says she will not be ignored. She starts following Dan, calling him constantly, and even shows up to his apartment that is for sale pretending to be a potential buyer.

Challenge… protecting his family from Alex. It's clear that Dan didn't know whom he was really dealing with when he entered an affair with Alex. Dan has tried unsuccessfully to end his affair with her, explaining to her that it was a brief fling between the two of them and nothing more could ever come of this. However, in her out-of-control desperation, she sliced her wrists in a failed suicide attempt. Dan can’t be sure what else she’ll do to hang on. At one point he tells a friend just how concerned he really is: " I'm scared, Jimmy, and I don't want to lose my family."

Personality… a little lustful, smart, and protective. He’s a reserved, ordinary guy who was looking for some more excitement in his life. But unfortunately he got more than he bargained for. 

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