Dan Evans
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Dan Evans

3:10 to Yuma

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About Him

Living… on a farm in the middle of the desert. Evans’ son, Mark, was diagnosed with tuberculosis when he was two. The doctor said that he would die without a dry climate, a diagnosis which has forced the Evans family to remain on their withering ranch.

Visiting… the town of Bisbee. Evans has come to the town in order to confront Glen Hollander, a local money lender who recently burned Dan’s barn as a punishment for his inability to pay. However, while looking for Hollander, Evans comes across a lucrative opportunity in the form of the notorious outlaw Ben Wade. If Evans and a small band of intrepid vigilantes can get Wade onto the 3:10 train to Yuma Prison leaving from Contention Station, they’ll each be rewarded with $200. Eager to pay off his debts – and even more eager to prove himself in the eyes of his son – Evans sets off to ensure that one of the most lethal men in the West shows up to his date with the gallows.

Profession… ranch owner and veteran of the Civil War. Evans certainly has the commitment to succeed in his brief, new career as a vigilante, as it offers the opportunity to regain the self-respect he lost during the war.

Interests… his family. Dan loves his family, and desperately wants to provide a better life for them. He’s afraid he’ll never make something of his life before he wastes away. In his words, “I’m tired of watching my boys go hungry. I’m tired of the way that they look at me.”

Relationship Status… married. But his wife, Alice, doesn’t look at him the same way that she used to. If he sees himself as a failure, then she’s bound to see the same thing.

Challenge… redeeming himself. Evans' experience in the Civil War consisted of one battle – a retreat during which he lost part of his leg due to friendly fire. He’s ashamed of his limited war experience, and cannot shake the idea that he is a coward. Ensuring that justice will be served to the lethal Ben Wade will wash away Evans' military failures and restore his sense of self-respect.

Personality… world-weary, yet determined. Evans doesn’t see much good in himself, and views his mission to escort Wade as the only way to prove that he is capable of heroism and decency. A good man who has spent his whole life coping with rotten luck, Evans refuses to let an opportunity to atone for his past go to waste.

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