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Living… in Washington D.C. Dan is connected to everyone in this town and is constantly networking. Here, it’s who you know, not what you know. He’s open about his intentions to run this city one day – and as soon as possible.

Profession… deputy director of communications for Vice President Selina Meyer. Dan is new to the job, having ditched a job with Senator Barbara Hallowes for a juicier position with the Veep’s office. The mediocrity of his old job was just too much for him. Said Dan of the Senator: “Of all the ‘ocres,’ she’s the ‘mediest.’” No, loyalty is not his strong suit.

Interests… guitar, because it might help him with the ladies, which might help his career. His guitar skills even came in handy during a PR crisis when the Vice President was late to a grade school visit. In spite of the instrument’s rebellious history from antiwar hippies, it just so happens to look great on a resume.

Relationship Status… single, unless being taken could help his career. Romance is another part of the Washington game to Dan. He has a reputation for dating politicians’ daughters in an attempt to climb the ladder. He also had a brief fling with Amy that neither of them can explain.

Challenge… getting ahead. Dan doesn’t personally invest himself in the Vice President’s fate as much as co-workers Amy or Gary. For Dan, this job is a launching pad for his next gig. Then his next gig will be a launching pad to the next, and so on. The Vice-President and her staff know this and resent him for it. All the more reason for him to move on as soon as possible.

Personality… ambitious, at the expense of other aspects of his character. He will kiss as many asses as necessary. His political beliefs are incidental. He’s as cutthroat as anyone, to the worry of his peers, who are never sure when they’ll be sold out.

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