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Grew up… in Rhode Island, with his two parents and his brother, Mitch. His family was extremely tight knit, which has probably led Dan to become the family man he is today.

Living… in the New Jersey suburbs, with his daughters Jane, Cara, and Lilly. Dan is your typical father-of-the-year winner, somehow managing to raise three daughters by himself without complaint. Despite that, he does have a slightly pessimistic look on the world: "Life...is full of disappointments."

Profession… newspaper advice columnist. Although at times it seems like Dan needs his own advice– he's a little over-controlling with his three daughters, and might need to unwind a bit himself. After all, when one of your daughters tells you she fell in love with her boyfriend in three days, it's not exactly good parenting to tell her that's not possible.

Interests… his family. With three young daughters, Dan rarely has time to focus on his own personal life. In fact, he may be a little too invested in their lives, at the expense of his own. He won't let his teenage daughter, Jane, drive her car, and even sends home her boyfriend who comes out to visit when they go away.

Relationship Status… widower. However, when his family makes a trip to his parent's house, Dan met a woman named Marie at a bookstore. Although Dan and Marie hit it off, she admits that she has a boyfriend, whom Dan then finds out is his brother, Mitch. Needless to say, the next several days together become pretty tense.

Challenge… moving on after the death of his wife. Despite not being fully over his wife’s passing and firmly believing that you can't fall in love with someone in a short amount of time, Dan still believes in love deep down. He just hasn’t found the right person yet.

Personality… funny, romantic, and deeply selfless. Protective of his family, Dan may be strict at times, but it's only out of love. Being a single father of three girls is a tough job, but Dan is devoted to his family. Though his passionate desires may sometimes make him a little reckless, he's always handy with a joke to lighten the mood.

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