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Dalton Trumbo


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About Him

Living… in post-World War II Los Angeles with his wife, daughter, and son. Trumbo is immersed in the world of Hollywood show biz, and loves hosting fellow moviemakers at his large home.

Profession… writer, specifically a screenwriter. And, he’s one of the best. So good, in fact, that, even when he gets blacklisted because of his political beliefs, producers still want to hire him to write their movies. He just has to do it under a pseudonym.

Interests… writing, taking baths, and his strong political beliefs. Trumbo is a Communist, and not only does he believe in the Party, but he believes even more in his right to hold true to his beliefs publicly and speak about them.

Relationship Status… married.Trumbo has always been a sensitive and kind father and husband. But, the stresses of trying to pursue his career while being blacklisted are starting to get to Trumbo, and he’s taking it out on his wife and kids.

Challenge… maintaining his career while also maintaining his beliefs. Even when conservatives in both the government and Hollywood seek to quiet him, Trumbo refuses to stop writing and speaking his mind. Not even the powerful gossip columnist Hedda Hopper can silence him.

Personality… headstrong, righteous, and witty. Trumbo is a talented writer, and he’s always been able to use his linguistic skills and creativity to the best of his ability. Those skills help him as a screenwriter, and they also help him as a zealous political fighter.

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