Dale Doback
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Dale Doback

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About Him

Living… with his dad, Dr. Robert Doback. Dale is 40 and completely happy to mooch off his dad for the rest of his life. He can’t imagine things getting better than they are now. But, change is coming. His father just married Nancy – and now she and her son Brennan are moving into the Doback household.

Profession… unemployed. Dale spends his time lazing around the house, watching TV and goofing off. If pressed about his job, he lies and just describes the plot of Good Will Hunting.

Interests… watching Shark Week, karate, nudie mags, and playing drums. When he isn’t sitting on the couch eating pizza, Dale is jamming on his precious drum set in his “beat laboratory.” He’s fiercely protective of his kit, and forbids his new step brother from touching it under penalty of “getting stabbed in the neck with a knife.”

Relationship Status… single, but he keeps having awkward encounters with Alice Huff, the long-suffering wife of Brennan’s younger brother, Derek. Alice has been enamored with Dale ever since he punched Derek in the face, and she keeps trying to initiate an affair.

Challenge… finding employment. Robert and Nancy are totally fed up with having to provide for their lazy, unambitious sons. They’ve given Brennan and Dale one month to find jobs and move out. Unfortunately, Dale doesn’t have many skills or even a modicum of work-ethic, so getting hired is near impossible.

Personality… childish and confrontational. He’s borderline delusional and has an inflated view of himself, believing himself to be a master of martial arts and the next Neil Peart. (Come on, he was the drummer for Rush!) Dale has no problem claiming his father’s achievements as his own, declaring himself a “learned doctor” despite having never attended any kind of college. His Dad is dead set on this marriage to Nancy – but Dale isn’t going to accept his new living situation without a fight.

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