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Living… at 23 Meteor Street, Tufnell Park with her “boyfriend”, Tim Bisley. Their relationship fits the classic tale of boy meets girl then boy and girl pretend to date in order to rent a cheap flat. The landlady of the building, Marsha Klein, insists that the apartment be given to a professional couple, so Daisy and Tim decide to combine their cash and live as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Profession… a writer. Sort of. Daisy never actually musters up the concentration needed to finish any articles or stories. Instead, she spends most of her day ruffling her hair, sighing with exasperation, and adjusting her glasses. All of the fidgeting and faffing about would make sense coming from someone hard at work. But Daisy isn’t that someone.

Interests… traveling. Daisy really wants to go to India to see the Taj Mahal. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to scrape together enough money for the trip. If only she could get some articles done…                          

Relationship Status… taken. Daisy has been in a relationship with Richard for a while. But, she’s not committed: “Our relationship was just like a sandwich toaster. You know, you just forget you’ve got one.” She hangs out more with her fake boyfriend, Tim, than her real partner.

Challenge… focusing. Daisy spends most of her life drifting around without a sense of true purpose. She rarely has a goal in mind, and even when she does, Daisy almost always procrastinates by trying to meddle in other people’s problems. That way, she doesn’t have to take care of her own.

Personality… peppy and bright with a ton of energy. She just isn’t capable of putting it to good use. Most of her efforts go towards avoiding her work. But other than her lack of motivation, Daisy is a pretty great gal. She’s excitable, enthusiastic, and very caring. Who else is going to take the time to make you twelve consecutive cups of tea?

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