Daisy Fuller
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Daisy Fuller

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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About Her

Grew Up… visiting her grandmother in an old folks’ home. At the age of six, she met Benjamin Button, a little boy who had the appearance of an old man. They became friends, though initially she thought he was quite weird. As a teenager she was accepted into a dance school in New York.

Living… in her deathbed, where she recounts the story of Benjamin Button to her grown up daughter, with the help of Benjamin’s diary. She is in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, which makes telling her tale a whole lot more difficult than it has to be. Her tale recounts her long on-and-off relationship with Benjamin Button over the years as she grows older and he keeps getting younger.

Profession… dancer. She had a career in Paris. But fate has a funny way of deciding things for you. She ends up back in the United States not long after.

Interests… dancing, new friends, old friends. She is extremely loyal to those she loves. She would never abandon anyone, and always finds herself drifting back to the people she cares about.

Relationship Status… in love with Benjamin for as long as she can remember. Although she briefly fell in love with someone else, Benjamin will always have her heart. For better or worse.

Challenge… deciding between her career and her other dreams. Because she is focused on becoming a brilliant professional dancer, she often has to forgo other life commitments.

Personality… strong-willed and loving. Daisy isn’t going to let anyone else determine her life. If she wants something, she’s not afraid to take it.

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