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Dae-su Oh


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About Him

Grew Up… in South Korea. Dae-su went to Catholic Sangnok High School. At a young age, he witnessed two classmates, a brother and sister, committing incest with each other, and spread the rumor on accident throughout the school. In shame, the sister in the incestuous relationship allegedly committed suicide.

Living… in Seoul. Dae-su lived happily with his wife Kim Ja-Hyun and their young daughter Yeun-Hee, before his life took a turn for the worse.

Profession… businessman. However, Dae-su’s life started getting out of control when he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly on the streets. After getting bailed out by a friend that night, Dae-su is knocked out by a mysterious man. He wakes up the next morning imprisoned in a small room that looks like a hotel room – but it’s actually a private prison.

Interests… drinking and boxing. Dae-su was an alcoholic before his imprisonment, and was losing sight of the things that mattered in his life, like his friends and family. While he was imprisoned with nothing else to do, Dae-su practiced shadowboxing on his wall, hoping one day to take down his captor with his own hands.

Relationship Status… absolutely messed up. Although Dae-su used to be married, during his imprisonment he discovers on the small television in his room that his wife was murdered – and he’s become the prime suspect in the case. After being released from captivity, Dae-su meets a young girl named Mi-do, whom he can’t help but feel attracted to. Even though she’s far too young for him and a relationship with her would be taboo, Dae-su has been imprisoned for a long time and will do anything to be close to a woman again.

Challenge… finding the person who imprisoned him. Dae-su was kept in captivity for 15 long and brutal years, and he has no idea why or for how long he would be staying. Someone paid to have him locked him up as some sort of punishment, but didn’t tell him anything. Driven mad by the years he spent imprisoned, Dae-su now seeks the truth, as well as revenge for the murder of his wife. He knows that all the events are connected somehow and that someone is punishing him for some past transgression.

Personality… unstable, brutal, and vengeful. Dae-su used to be an average guy with a normal family until he was kept against his will in a small windowless room. He’s been driven to the edge of insanity because of it, and finally snaps when he finds out his wife has been murdered. He’s become cold, ruthless, and violent. The only thing he’s focused on is revenge, and he’s willing do to anything he can to threaten, torture, and kill his way to the truth. 

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