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About Him

Living… in close quarters. DJay shares his North Memphis house with Nola, Lexus, and Shug, the three he girls he pimps.

Grew Up… in Memphis. His dad worked as a mechanic for the school district. DJay attended Westwood High School, where he used to DJ parties and rap with his boy Key in gym class.

Profession… pimp. DJay works out of his beat-up (but eternally stylin’) two-tone Chevy Caprice. He also sells weed on the side, but the man is broke. He can’t even afford to pay utilities. As he puts it, “I’m here trying to squeeze a dollar out of a dime, and I ain’t even got a cent.”

Interests… though he spends many of his (many) waking hours keeping his perm tight, DJay is a regular at the local strip club, where he knows the dancers and is friendly with the club MC, Mike.

Relationship Status... single. He doesn’t like to mess around with his "ho's", though he does have a particular soft spot for Shug.

Challenge… becoming a rap star. DJay confides in Shug that he feels like he’s having a mid-life crisis. His dad had a heart attack when he was the same age as DJay is now. Djay doesn’t want to be a pimp anymore.  He wants to make it. He wants to be successful rapper flashing a fan of bills on TV, like his childhood buddy Skinny Black. So he gets to writing rhymes. He trades some weed for an old Casio keyboard and enlists his old friend Key, now working as a sound technician, to produce his tracks, and Shug to sing his hooks.

Personality… tenacious and passionate, DJay doesn’t take attitude from anyone. He calls everyone his personal spin on the word "man" that comes out “mayne,” even his ladies, but that doesn’t mean everyone is his friend. Though combative, DJay is also reflective, and he often thinks about his own life, and about the nature of mankind. “See... man ain't like a dog,” he explains to Nola. “They going through life carefree. But people like you and me, man, we always guessing. Wondering, ‘What if?’”

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