D.J. Tanner

D.J. Tanner

    Full House
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in San Francisco, Calif., with her father, Danny, and her “uncles,” Joey and Jesse. Also, her younger sisters Stephanie and Michelle. It can get a little hectic. As the oldest of the Tanner daughters, D.J. shoulders a lot of responsibility and is a role model for her younger sisters.

Profession... high school student. D.J. didn't really have to work while growing up, because she was still living at home and receiving an allowance from her father.

Interests... horseback riding, soccer and music. D.J. spends most of her time hanging out with friends, especially her neighbor Kimmy Gibbler, who is an almost-constant presence in the already full Tanner household.

Relationship Status... in a relationship with Steve, a boy from school. The two seriously date for a few years, and even study abroad in Spain together for a summer. Though she dates a few other guys after she and Steve part ways, none compare to her first true love.

Challenge... being a tough, responsible big sister, even though she is still a kid herself. Because her mother passed away when she was young, D.J. had to grow up quickly. Although she is strong-willed, she understands the harsh hand life has dealt her: “It's just not fair. First I lose my mom, then Grandma leaves, and now I lose my own room. Everything just keeps disappearing."

Personality... practical, responsible, and composed. Even at a young age, D.J. is in control of her emotions and rarely makes rash decisions. Though they sometimes argue, D.J. is a good role model for her younger sisters. She is caring by nature, and will do anything for her family.


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