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About Him

Grew up… in the One State, a thousand years after it gained control of the world. Having conquered political dissent and hunger, the One State now has a new goal: space. That’s where the inhabitants of other planets live "perhaps still in the primitive state of freedom."

Living… under surveillance. Like every other number in the One State, D-503 lives in a glass house and has his every action watched and monitored by covert government agents. All of which he accepts with cheerfulness, of course. After all, "the only means of ridding man of crime is ridding him of freedom."

Profession… engineer ,with an important mission. As the chief engineer of the Integral, the spaceship that will soon embark to conquer other planets, D-503 has been given a big responsibility, and he is eager to prove himself worthy of it.

Interests… serving the One State. From morning to night, the One State shapes what all its citizens say, do, and think. Like many of his fellow numbers, D-503 has faithfully devoted himself to serving it.

Relationship Status… complicated. Like everything else in the One State, sex is regulated by the government. If two numbers feel the need to relieve themselves, they need simply apply to the One State for a sex visit. Currently, D-503's main partner is the pretty but dull O-90, but he's finding himself increasingly drawn to rebellious, dangerous I-330.

Challenge… understanding the new feelings he's been having around I-330. Sex is supposed to be an impersonal affair, satisfying the mere necessities of animal instinct. With I-330, however, D's feelings are anything but impersonal. For the first time in his life, D-503 might be feeling the irrational emotion of "love." But as his feelings for I-330 grow, so too do D-503's doubts about the One State.

Personality… loyal, intelligent, and rational to an extreme. Even more so than his fellow numbers, D seems to have absorbed the rationalistic teachings of the One State, declaring that a state can only be perfect when formed on "the four rules of arithmetic." Unquestioningly loyal to the One State and its ideals, D-503 seems more like a model citizen than a potential rebel. Which could be another reason why I-330 is so drawn to him.

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