Cyril O'Reily
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Cyril O'Reily


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About Him

Grew up… following around his older brother, Ryan O’Reilly. Cyril has always been loyal to his sibling, carrying out Ryan’s bidding both inside and outside the walls of Oz.

Living… in Oswald State Penitentiary (“Oz”), Unit B. Cyril finds life difficult living in a different unit from his brother, especially after being abused by the prison’s Aryan leader Vern Schillinger. The brain-damaged Cyril longs to be in the Emerald City unit, where Ryan can protect him.

Profession… lieutenant for the Bridge Street Gang, an association of Irish hoodlums headed by Ryan O’Reilly. Cyril, who is mentally handicapped, needs his brother’s guidance in order to survive.

Interests… his brother. Cyril has very little in life aside from his relationship with Ryan.

Relationship Status... nothing on the horizon. It’s difficult for Cyril to start or sustain a relationship given his mental state.

Challenge… surviving in Oz. Life in prison is even more difficult for Cyril, whose brain damage makes him an easy target for the predatory inmates. Despite his addled mind, Cyril is capable of making profound realizations, which often go ignored by his fellow inmates. “We don’t choose God,” he once said. “God chooses us.”

Personality… nonexistent. Cyril’s usual placidness (caused by his brain damage) does not mean that he’s peaceful. When angered, Cyril is capable of torturing, mutilating, and killing. At one point, he beats a fellow inmate severely, causing the victim brain damage of his own. Says a surprised Cyril in his child-like, credulous tone, “You mean, I made him… just like me?” 

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