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Cyril Figgis


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About Him

Living… in a boring and well-kept apartment in an unnamed American city. Cyril lives alone, and doesn’t have any significant positive relationships in his life. 

Profession… comptroller for ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service). Cyril, in his own words, is a “kick-ass accountant!” His favorite day is September 30th because it is the end of the fiscal year. He was once a lawyer, and also provides legal consultation when asked – although his advice has never actually stopped ISIS from doing anything illegal.

Interests… Warhammer, math, and sex. While Cyril is quiet, mild-mannered, and nerdy, he is also incredibly well-endowed and suffers from a debilitating sex addiction. He becomes particularly lecherous when he’s drunk, and will sleep with anything if he has a little alcohol in his system. 

Relationship Status… dating the incredibly sexy ISIS agent, Lana Kane. Their relationship is less than healthy, with Lana injecting a tracking device into his body so she can track his movements, and Cyril frequently indulging his sex addiction by cheating on her. Lana is primarily interested in Cyril because he is everything that her ex-boyfriend Sterling Archer is not.

Challenge… dealing with Sterling Archer. The sarcastic superspy is endlessly cruel to Cyril, mocking him openly and in private. The two characters are opposites in many ways, and Cyril resents Archer’s secret agent lifestyle and bravado. Cyril’s computer passwords are all phrases describing how he would like Archer to die.

Personality… bookish, unconfident, and mild-mannered. Cyril Figgis is the most “regular” of the ISIS staff, although it’s impossible for anyone to be truly normal and work in the ISIS office. Cyril is a bit of a wimp and usually lacks confidence, but whenever he actually does manage to do something right it immediately goes to his head, causing him to overestimate himself. While Cyril sees himself as more considerate and sensible than the other members of the ISIS office, in reality he’s just as self-absorbed as the rest of them.

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