Cyrano De Bergerac
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Cyrano De Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac

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About Him

Grew up… in France in the early 17th century.

Living… as a renowned swordsman, with one glaring physical feature. Cyrano happens to have a rather immense nose, something he tries to embrace publicly with a little panache. But secretly, he finds the subject of his nose to be a touchy subject. 

Profession… a sword fighter as a member of the French elite fighting force, the Cadets of the Gascogne. Not only is he skilled with a blade, he's even more prodigious with his tongue. You insult his nose? He can write poetry elaborating dozens of better, creative insults you should have come up with.

Interests… taking care of his fellow Cadets, reading and writing poetry, and being a helpless romantic. While Cyrano is immensely talented in whatever he does, he has a since of humility to him as well. 

Relationship Status… in love with his cousin Roxanne. The problem? Roxanne is madly in love with Christian, a bumbling but handsome newcomer to the Gascogne Cadets. Cyrano feeds lines of love in order to help him win the heart of Roxanne. After successfully helping him, he feels briefly elated: "I'm in love... but it was meant to be! The finest-looking one there is! I feel triumphant... forgetful... and I suddenly see the side of my face shaded off the garden wall."

Challenge… helping Christian woo Roxanne without her finding out. But does he even sincerely want to? Cyrano, an honorable yet self-deprecating fellow, feels duty-bound to help Roxanne be with the one she loves, no matter who he is. However, can he find happiness by experiencing her love vicariously through Roxanne's responses to Christian?

Personality… witty, poetic, and massively insecure over his large protrusion of a nose. Beyond that, he's the bravest fighter of them all. However, despite his skills and brilliance, he's incredibly lonely.

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