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About Him

Grew up… in the more sophisticated drawing rooms of the East Coast. Cy Tolliver comes from civilization, which makes his luxurious saloon a bit of a novelty in the frontier mining camp of Deadwood.

Living… in the dapper environment of his saloon. Cy believes in living the good life, and he wants to offer a sample of that life to the citizens of Deadwood. At a price, of course.

Profession… owner and proprietor of the Bella Union saloon, proud to offer dice games, whiskey and women. Cy came to Deadwood in order to run Al Swearengen’s Gem Saloon out of business. The Bella Union offers miners with a little extra gold a nice slice of luxury. As Cy pitches a customer, “How about a nap, a bath, and sex with an unfamiliar woman?”

Interests… making money. Cy knows that there’s a lot of business to be done on the frontier, and that Deadwood’s more refined residents need a watering hole with more class than the dingy Gem.

Relationship Status… interested in his business partner, the former prostitute Joanie Stubbs. Cy admires the cultivated and elegant Joanie, though it’s not clear that his feelings are reciprocated. In Deadwood, business tends to outweigh the value of emotions.

Challenge… taking over the profitable saloon trade from the dangerous Al Swearengen. Al has been known to use any method necessary to ensure his stake in Deadwood’s whiskey-and-whores racket, and he doesn’t intend to let the pompous Cy Tolliver get in his way.

Personality… ruthless. Cy’s good manners are only an act. Beneath the sophisticated veneer, he’s just as cruel and remorseless as his rival, Al Swearengen. As he puts it, “If he hadn’t meant me to wag it, Sir, why would the Lord give me a tail?” Cy may well have horns, too.

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