Curt Vaughan
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Curt Vaughan

The Cabin in the Woods

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About Him

Overview… college student looking to blow off some steam. Curt is excited to take his college friends for a weekend away at a cabin in the woods belonging to one of his relatives. An optimist, Curt thinks the trip will be a good chance for everyone to get away from their studies. Unbeknownst to him, however, the trip is going to be considerably more stressful than midterms.

Personality… unashamed and energetic. Curt is the classic jock with a friendly twist, who jostles and jokes with his friends without taking it too far. Being the trip leader, he instigates most of the activities for his friends and encourages them to relax. When things start to go south, Curt is brave and determined, making plans and fighting back. 

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