Curt Henderson

Curt Henderson

    American Graffiti
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in sleepy Modesto, California. Curt has spent the last seventeen years of his life in his hometown, surrounded by the same people. He is tired of going to Mel’s Diner every Friday night, but is simultaneously nervous about leaving for college in the northeast.

Living… through the final days of his youth. Curt, who just graduated from high school, isn’t satisfied with Modesto’s female prospects. As he puts it, “Why is it that every girl who comes around here is ugly? Or has a boyfriend? Where is the dazzling beauty I’ve been searching for all my life?”

Profession… recent high school graduate, about to enroll in college.  

Interests… women. Curt just encountered the woman of his dreams cruising down Third Street and is overcome by a desire to find her. He tells her nervously, “You are the most beautiful, exciting thing I’ve ever seen in my life and I don’t know anything about you. Listen, listen, listen, uh, um, uh could we meet someplace?”

Challenge… finding the blonde beauty who cruised down Third Street by the end of the night. Curt finds himself on an odyssey as he tries to locate the stunning woman. He even goes to the local radio station to try and convince the famous DJ, the Wolfman, to send out a message to all of Modesto.

Personality… anxious, innocent and unsure of himself. Curt doesn’t know what kind of life he wants, or even if he wants to go to college in the northeast (and that's despite a $2000 scholarship). Curt is not ready to give up life with his best friends just yet. 


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