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Grew up… near Caketown, in the magical world of Dreamside. Despite his pushy father’s objections, Cucumber spent his time studying to get into the best school in the world – Puffington’s Academy for the Magically Gifted and/or Incredibly Wealthy. He finally got in, but the day before he moved there, his father summoned him to give him a quest instead.

Living… in troubled times. An evil queen has decided to resurrect the Nightmare Knight, a terrifying being of shadow, and embark on world domination. And for some reason, Cucumber has been chosen as the Legendary Hero, responsible for defeating the Nightmare Knight.

Profession… magician-in-training. He was really looking forward to learning more in school, too. But now he has to be a hero, even though his little sister Almond is much more heroic. She’s even training to be a knight.

Interests… learning, magic, not being a hero. His father wants him to “become a man,” but Cucumber just wants to prove that all his studying counted for something.

Relationship Status… single. Between school and saving the world, there isn’t much time.

Challenge… becoming the Legendary Hero that Dreamside needs. Cucumber doesn’t know how to hold a sword, he’s afraid of monsters, and his wand is broken. But no one will listen to him when he suggests that maybe someone else would be a better choice for hero. Since he doesn’t want evil Queen Cordelia to take over, though, he better start saving the world. Which seems to consist of a lot of mini-quests.

Personality… timid, intelligent, and kind. Cucumber just wants to go to school. But he’s had to deal with a family of very enthusiastic people who think school is not as important as fighting for glory, and because of that he’s a little brow-beaten. He doesn’t like fighting, and he can usually think of a better way to do something than by direct confrontation. Unfortunately, no one really listens to his more reasonable plans. In the end, he just wants “to learn how to make life easier for people.”

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