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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as Fergus Rodric MacLeod, born in 1661 in Scotland. His mother was a witch, and taught him how to do minor witchcraft, but he hated his father, as his own son later hated him. He became a tailor, and eventually sold his soul for “an extra three inches below the waist.” Upon his death, he became the demon Crowley.

Living… anywhere he pleases. Crowley travels extensively in the human world, occupying whatever place suits his needs at the time. He probably has a nice place in Hell as well – as nice as an apartment in Hell can be, anyway.

Profession… up-and-coming crossroads demon. Crowley makes deals, granting humans their wishes in exchange for their souls. He’s fast-talking and charming, which lets him seal many a deal that less suave demons might have lost. He might even be due for a promotion.

Interests… the finer things in life. Perhaps due to the poverty he endured as a human, Crowley spares no expense in fancy clothes, cigars, alcohol, or accommodation. He also amuses himself by teasing – occasionally flirting – with his enemies, especially the demon-hunting Winchesters.

Relationship Status… single. The only relationship Crowley is in is with himself. Although he has been known to use other demons to gain power, it’s absolutely possible that Crowley is incapable of love, being a demon and all.

Challenge… getting rid of the Winchesters. Always trying to get in the way of Crowley making a deal or collecting a soul, the Winchesters – or “the boys,” as Crowley likes to call them – often make his life a living hell (no pun intended) in little ways. Crowley’s life will be much improved once he figures out how to ditch them permanently. At least, that’s the way he sees it.

Personality… charming, devious, manipulative, selfish, and evil. Due to his profession, Crowley must put forth a suave façade, luring people in by feigning trustworthiness and integrity. He’s sarcastic and always making jokes and insults on the surface, and deep down he’s sadistic and truly deserving of the title of demon. All in all, Crowley has one priority: saving his own skin. All of the deals that he makes are purely to benefit himself and he’s always finding loopholes in order to stick it to someone else. Crowley only cares about Crowley.


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