Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in a stylish flat in Mayfair, London. Sleek and modern, it's meticulously well-kept, with the latest electronics and most expensive furniture, despite the fact that Crowley doesn't actually live there.

Profession... demon. His main job is driving the innocent to temptation. Every since that incident with the apple in the Garden of Eden, this generally takes the form of tying up telephone lines or holding up traffic. Not exactly traditional demonic behavior, as Crowley's coworkers like to point out. But with the world much larger than it was in the Middle Ages, as Crowley puts it, "You had to think differently these days. Not big, but wide." Crowley is an expert at navigating the modern world.

Interests... fast cars, good clothes, and all matter of electronics. From his appearance to his vintage Bentley, style defines everything Crowley does – a trait that raises more than a few eyebrows among his demonic associates. Despite their differences, he does find a common soul in Aziraphale, an angel with a similar attachment to humanity and a shared fondness for good restaurants.

Relationship Status... single. Like Aziraphale, Crowley is technically sexless. While he shows no interest in romance currently, his demonic nature means that he would probably be more open to temptations of the flesh than his angelic counterpart. For now, his friendship with Aziraphale supplies sufficient companionship.

Challenge... stopping the Apocalypse, despite technically being assigned to help start it. Following a mix-up by Hell's human helpers, however, this task has become all the more difficult. They’ve misplaced the Antichrist, and it’s difficult to stop the Apocalypse when you don’t know where the biggest player is.

Personality... stylish, clever, and not nearly as demonic as he thinks he is. Never one for obedience, Crowley takes well to life on Earth, with its abundant supply of expensive alcohol, nice restaurants, and free will. However, the announcement of the Apocalypse throws a wrench in Crowley's plans for continuing contentment. So he decides to stop it – and when trying to foil Hell's plans, who better to turn to than an angel?


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